Why Are People Choosing Sexy AF?

The ability to consume a delicious booze-free beverage that tastes exactly like the real thing has its many benefits, and this is why people everywhere are choosing to make their drink SexyAF. 

In the midst of a sober curious movement, there are so many reasons and benefits to provide non-alcoholic options at restaurants, bars and nightclubs. However, other than the traditional Shirley Temple or Virgin Caesar, non-a beverages are, unfortunately, not that easy to come by.

This issue, prominent everywhere around the globe, is why Sexy AF Spirits has become the go-to alternative for many people looking to enjoy a night out on the town, and not regret their decisions the next morning.

This is a huge deal, especially now with the health and wellness culture booming amongst younger millennials and GenZ. And, as more and more younger people are beginning to become aware of the risks and stigmas associated with the social drinking culture at nightclubs and bars, non-a options are becoming more popular as ever. 

When you think about it, there are clearly numerous benefits to a booze free alternative. However, Sexy AF is an 100% alcohol free spirits brand that is highly focused on creating a product that will feel socially inclusive and taste great at the same time. 

Each carefully crafted product will provide you with that same warm feeling as the real thing, while also allowing you to socialize and relax without dealing with the unfortunate consequences of consuming those other, more sickly sweet, sugary cocktails. So, whether you want to ditch those dehydration headaches or actually make it to that 9am Pilates class, Sexy AF is your go-to alternative and new best friend. 


Sexy AF Spirits is a locally owned and operated non-alcoholic spirits brand that prides itself on enhancing the drinking experience with a go-to alternative that is 100% alcohol free. Over the past several months, Sexy AF has curated a line of handcrafted and botanically infused products that not only have 0.0% alcohol, but are also fully vegan, kosher, gluten free, low calorie and have no sugar added. 

These products include a premiere lineup of spirits including ViirGiin, Triple Sexy, Amar-Oh and Kamparii. The complex, botanically infused flavor profile of each product allows for a delicious and sophisticated mocktail that won’t leave you waking up with a headache. 

Check out our social media @sexyafspirits for more updates on Sexy AF 

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