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The Sexy AF Difference

Sexy AF Spirits are handcrafted, Global Plant Based Certified and botanically infused without the use of any ingredients that may contain alcohol, making Sexy AF a great choice if you are looking for an Ultra Premium AF Spirit that is : 

0.00% Alcohol

Plant Based 



Allergen free

Gluten free

Sugar free

Low calorie

Low carb

Staying Sober or Sober Curious

Sexy AF Spirits contain botanical extracts that are infused into our end product, making Sexy AF 33% BBV (Botanicals by Volume) as compared to other non-alcoholic spirits that may contain up to 1% alcohol and 99% water.

With Sexy AF Spirits, your mocktails, cocktails and coffee creations will always taste great & look Sexy AF.

Rethink Your Drink With Sexy AF Spirits


Sexy AF Spirits take ten weeks to craft, using a bespoke maceration process for each organic botanical sourced from the finest suppliers around the World. Each Sexy AF Spirit is filtered and botanically infused with pure glacier water, then refined six times and finished.

Plant based Sexy AF Spirits are sugar free, gluten free, vegan & Kosher with no artificial flavours or colours.  Our 100% alcohol free spirits are the most lively & rich non-alcoholic product you have ever tasted. 

Sexy AF Spirits are made with over twenty botanicals, making each award-winning spirit, elegant, complex and lively with intense flavour. Most importantly, Sexy AF Spirits are full-bodied & balanced with no alcohol.

Perfect any time you want to make your mocktail, cocktail or mixer, Sexy AF.

Sexy AF Spirits is the STRONGEST Ultra Alcohol Free Spirit available in the NA/AF market.

We introduce you to 6 unique products with Dutch Juniper, Triple Sexy, AperTease, Amar-oh, Friski Whiski and Spiced Yum.

Enhance your mocktails, cocktails, coffee drinks and more with Sexy AF Spirits Premium Alcohol Free Spirits.

*Once opened, please refrigerate.


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